The samithi has two fold mission

1. Madhavaseva ( Service to God)

2. Manavaseva ( Service to society / Humanity )

Madhavaseva ( Service to God)

To contribute our mite in the  restoration of various ancient  Historic Temple whose dilapidated and deserted remains are the sole remainders of the past  glory of  our dharma, bhakthimargam and illustrious saints who propagated them


To advocate and propogate Nama Keerthan (singing the Glory of Lord) as it is the only way to providing spiritual upliftment as well as liberation from mundane worldly existence in this Kaliyuga as prescribed by Sanathana Dharma in different parts of Vedas.

To contribute our mite to the needy Temples for daily Poojas and also  for poojas on special Occasions ( Annual Celebration etc…)


To arrange  for discourses by very eminent and efficient personalities on  a variety of topics including the greatness of sanathana dharma, Self-realization, Vedantha, glories of Vedas, Upanishads, the life history of saints like Adhishankra, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Raman Maharshi etc.. as they are centered around societal values & Practical principles to lead a happy and righteous life , which are relevant to the modern society of to day.

To  Perpetuate learning of Vedas, which verily is the life line of India and the essence of sanathana dharma by establishing patashala (Shools) in traditional Gurukula Style.


Go Samrakshna :  To the santhana dhrama the cow         symbolizes all other creatures. The Cow is the symbol of Earth, the Nourisher, the ever giving, undemanding provider. It represents

life and sustenance of life. It is the symbol of grace and abundance. In the vedas cows represent wealth and joyous Earthly life (Rig- Veda (4.28.1:6)

Lord in Bhagavatgita says (Chapter 10, Verse 28)

“Dhenunam Asmi Kamadhuk ”

Hence it is all the more meaningful to constantly endeavor to protect cows from butchers to save and serve poor, aged cows by  providing them peaceful life


We believe that it is our social responsibility to bring a new leaf over their life. we also believe that it is our social responsibility to bring the awareness in the community and educate others in joining  hands with us to protect and uplift the needy. We also strengthen our mission by inspiring others to join us in the movement of the welfare of each individual of the society with disabling  changes.

It is indeed a reality  that a sector of our society is leading a miserable life even with out an iota of fortune favoring them. It is our prime duty to uplift and entitle them to the main stream of our life by bestowing utmost care and extending a helping hand.

As a part of our dedicated and sincere endeavor towards this end, a few like and service minded souls imbibing the spirit ignited by their own instinct , established the samithi putting their heart and soul into the service of the society.

The samiti’s main objectives are to help social causes in the field of education, health and to promote  virtues, values, art and ancient hidden traditional treasures among youngsters