Devotees need to make their own travel arrangements to reach SriSailam.

 By Train

There are no direct trains to Srisailam. Those coming by train would need to alight at either Markapur (85kms/2 hours away) or Tarlupadu (100kms 2.5 hours away). The nearest major station are Kurnool and Ongole, about 180KM (4.5hours) away. Though farther away, Kurnool and Ongole stations have better connectivity to all the major South Indian cities.


The nearest domestic airport is Kurnool Airport (180 km/4.5 hours), and the nearest international airport is the Hyderabad Airport (220 km/4 hours).

The mode of travel from the railway station or airport to Sri Sailam is subject to devotee’s discretion. Devotees may choose from

  • Govt buses

  • Taxis (4 seater, 5 seater, 7 seater, etc. either a/c or non a/c)

Price will vary based on the choice of vehicle and the distance.

Devotees must make their own arrangements for the bus/taxi to reach SriSailam as per their travel plans.

Local Travel:

These are the other places of interest in and around Sri Sailam. Devotees may make their own arrangements to visit these places if they wish.

  1. Sakshi Ganapati Temple (2km). It is believed that the Ganapathi here, with a book and pen in his hands, keeps an account of every pilgrim who visits Srisailam Temple.

  2. Shikhareshwara temple (8km). This ancient temple is situated atop the highest hill in Srisailam — Sikharam — at an elevation of 2830 feet. Owing to its elevation, one can witness spectacular views of the Krishna river and landscape from this temple.

  3. Hatakeshvara Temple(5km) is where Shiva is believed to have appeared in a pot

  4. Pathala Ganga(1km) — a dip here is considered holy. This place can be reached either by taking a ropeway or by climbing down 500 steps.

  5. Akka Mahadevi Caves(18km) — visiting the caves requires a 16km/one hour boat ride in River Krishna followed by a 10-minute trek to reach the caves. The caves are around 150 meters deep and are dark and narrow.

  6. Kadali Vanam caves(12km of trekking from Akka Mahadevi caves). Akkamahadevi is said to have spent her last days at this place. Bhagavan Dattatreya and his other incarnations are believed to have stayed at this place.

  7. Paladhara panchadara(4km) — Two natural springs that are believed to have originated from Shiva’s forehead form a waterfall here. It is here that Adi Shankaracharya penned the glorious masterpiece Sivanandalahari. We have to walk 160 steps to reach this stream.

  8. Ishta Kameswari Devitemple (22kms) is a cave temple located deep in the forests of Nallamala. 20km to and fro trekking through the rocky terrained forest is needed to reach this temple. Permission from the Forest Department is required to visit this temple.

  9. Shivaji sphoorti kendram— This is believed to be the place that the Divine Mother gave darshan to Shivaji and blessed him with a sword.

  10. Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve— India’s largest tiger reserve is spread over 3500 sq-km. This Sanctuary is a natural Home to over 150 bird species, the sanctuary is a fabulous bird watching spot as well. Some of the other wild animals that can be spotted in Srisailam Wildlife Sanctuary are black bucks, sambars, wild boars, spotted deer, panthers, sloth bears, wolves, Indian giant squirrels, etc

  11. Siddi Ramappa Kolanu waterfalls(1km)

Mallela Theertham (58kms) — There are many legends attached to this waterfall that state its water to be holy and sacred. Lord Shiva is said to have appeared in front of many saints at this place. It is one of the few waterfalls where we can behold the waterfall from behind the waterfall. Visiting this waterfall requires travel in 8km of mudroad and then a climb down of 350 steps.